iPhone vs “real camera” argument is stale…


Came across this in my daily feeds today and couldn’t agree more.  I’ve loved my iphone 4 camera ever since I got it.  I love the convenience, it’s always with me so I have no excuses and it’s limiting.  All things that make me concentrate on the image itself!  I get bored with my Nikon’s, zooms, primes, flashes…all the junk that we use to get images or create scenes.  The iphone, or any crappy little phone camera, forces you to make decisions based on composition, contrast, subject matter and relevancy.  You’re not thinking how you can use post production to smooth, or clone something out or in.  It makes you shoot and edit in your head first and you have just the one chance to get it right.  That’s an exercise that I think we all need every now and then.  Stop, think, compose, shoot, done.

Of course, the same can be said with film, which is seeing a resurgence in recent years and is the basis for many of the new iphone apps and filter kits.

The point is, it’s just a tool to capture an image.  It’s the IMAGE that counts!  And should ALWAYS be about the image.  So don’t get bogged down in the megapixel debate, what camera can climb to what ungodly ISO and shoot in the dark, around corners, through planets…whatever.  It doesn’t matter.


Get out and shoot


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Julie & Mike Wedding 11.11.11


I met Julie through one of last year’s wedding couples – Nina & Nate.  Nina and Julie go WAYYYY back so it was a privilege to be able to get to know her and Mike a bit.  It’s always great to meet people that have the same interests as you.  Julie and Mike are fitness people and Julie and I are triathletes…though she’d kick my butt pretty good I’m sure.  Mike and Julie live in Guam…yes, the tropical island across the Pacific and occasionally she posts some great shots of her “training” to Facebook.  To me, swimming and paddling in the warm, crystal clear blue ocean with whales and sea turtles doesn’t count as training..that sounds like a vacation to me.  But I guess if I lived in Guam, these things would be in my backyard, and so, a part of my “training”  Yeah, I don’t want to talk about how much time I spend inside a chlorinated pool fighting with flying elbows and kicks to the face trying to keep my place in a lane…or almost getting run off the road, or running some hot, dusty trail.  As much as I love the mountains here in Colorado, to be near the ocean is a constant craving.

They had their wedding at the Dove house at Lionsgate Center.  A Beautiful place for a wedding and it was a great day.  And…it has chickens.  Not just your average egg laying farm chickens…these chickens are SPECIAL chickens.  Ok, and Roosters if you’re going to get all technical on me.  Nozomi got sidetracked shooting the chickens while I was inside getting the table settings and the details.  I don’t think she’s ever seen chickens like this before.

It was a beautiful small, family wedding with loads of little special touches.

Venue: The Dove House at Lionsgate Center

Cake: Intricate Icings

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